About us

At Hard 2 Find Games we don’t just offer you the latest, newly released games (most of the time we don’t have those) we try and bring you a click of a button away from getting that rare Goldeneye N64 you’ve been on the lookout for or that Call of Duty Exclusive Collectors Edition, or even that retired Lego City you couldn’t find on eBay. We won’t always have what you’re looking for but you never know, we just might. Most other game shops and sites just stick with the high demand items and when they’re gone, they’re gone, with Hard 2 Find Games we like to be a bit more flexible in what we offer and hey, it might be a terrible idea in comparison to the big boys but you might just benefit from it.

We love new games but we also love collectible items that are likely to hold their value over the years. We know there are big communities of those that collect and store specific consoles and games and we feel they can be somewhat underserved by the current market, especially when it comes to new and sealed stuff. But anyway have a browse and see if there’s anything you might want to play now or something that could complete your collection.